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T Don't waste time thinking about website design if you have a business plan or ideas you think should be running on the web. Concentrate on your core deliverables and let ToromeTech implements the perfect interface for your enterprise. We provide a comprehensive range of bespoke IT services including web-design,online shopping carts and payment portals, content management systems(CMS),database design apps, corporate branding and promotional campaigns.

It is not the technology per se, but the intelligent application of technology that helps to answer business questions. We should not become too dazzled by digitalisation. It is not an answer in itself but an enabler. And like all enablers, it is only as smart as the people using it.

We are conversant in all digital media across the online, broadcast and video mediums. We are particularly focused on utilising new technologies to create a space where they can all merge. Thus, providing a beautiful, simple and intuitive experience. That notwithstanding, all our website designs employ Responsive Web Design (RWD) principles - ensuring a single base code is rendered consistently on all devices irrespective of their screen size.

We like to describe your website as a digital home for your business. It’s where you can flex your expertise and tell your story through imagery, video and written text content. Though the aforementioned are the salient attributes, you do not have to be an expert of any. You concentrate on your core business deliverables and we will cater for the rest.

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About Us

It is not technology per se but the intelligent application of technology that helps to provide answers to business questions.

Our Vision

We believe in utilizing the power of the Internet to help clients grow their business. Building results-driven digital solutions that is leveraged on current methodology and technology. This synergy results in a platform with cutting-edge design, development, branding and marketing. However, if all the aforementioned is to be accomplished, you need people with the know-how and wherewithal to put it all together.

Our Mission

Our strategic services provide customized, digital solutions to turn your business into an industry leader. Our team plan, design, and develop outstanding website solutions that are in tandem with current technologies. Responsive websites from a single code base. Thus, making scaling up and enhancement very flexible. Intuitive appealing interface to guide the client along

Our Approach

Growing a successful brand online requires content that is eligible and explicit in an interface that is intuitive and user friendly. Enhancing the user experience will always drive qualified leads to your website. Thus, there is an intrinsic relationship between form and function for a website to accomplish its main objective. All graphics within the interface should have the necessary resolution in order to fulfil the aforementioned.

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The Cancel Culture War

The most dangerous of all falsehoods is slightly distorted truth. The danger of instant judgments and monolithic narratives are all too prevalent in these deliberations. Where you will find cold-blooded grasping; a massive sense of entitlement; an inability to show gratitude; an unrealistic expectation of puritanism from others; and a passionate performance of virtue that is well executed in the public space ( social media) but not in the intimate space of co-habitation and friendship.

These are very trying times. Technology as recent as couple of years ago was supposed to bring us all closer - remember the global village?. The emergence of an old doctrine - "critical race theory" the epitome of this dramatic change in attitude towards anyone with a different point of view has put paid to that paradigm. Here is how the woke brigade often responds - "There is no war against free speech. You are perfectly free to say what you want, so long as it aligns with our prevailing view". Very shallow and pathetic.

Our attachment in practice to the principles we think we hold has been fraying since cancel culture/wokery took ascendency. Most of it modish destruction of straw men. If we routinely denigrate our moral values, we weaken solidarity and promote indifference to political principles and institutions. We encourage intransigent assertions of entitlement and magnified claims to victimhood. We have created a space where personal responsibility is an afterthought, communal cooperation is handed to thugs, mayhem is de-rigueur. Is it any wonder it looks like a zoo?

We insulate ourselves in ideological bubbles of similar-thinking people and refuse to countenance or even engage with the truth. We now seem to be building echo chambers with titanium and carbon fiber cladding just to make sure we do not see or hear anything different. If these cancel culture mentality is being adopted to the pandemic, maybe herd immunity would have been achieved by now.We have become communities in a dislocated social fabric that is fracturing at an astonishing rate. If we do not amend this fast, rupture seems to be the only ramification. None of us have all the answers. We are all inherently biased towards one thing or another. Thus, if the aforementioned cellular-like fortifications are to be dismantled, "tall poppy syndrome" has to go.

Welcome to our blog - this preface is in a flux so do check it out again later.

Using QR Code For Scamming

Security agencies both in the UK and USA are warning the general public to be alert of malicious Quick Response (QR) codes. Cybercriminals are tampering with QR codes to redirect victims to malicious sites that steal login and financial information.

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The Social Media Polemic

Embracing new technology is what we humans do. We have come a long way from creating fire with the help of some flint and friction ( the latter a physical process we've now become accustomed to in a subject matter called physics). So when you hear people labelling someone technophobe because they genuinely feel social media is causing more harm than good. Be very careful and cautious of snake oil salesmen.

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Multimodal Search Requires Entirely New Input From Users

Multimodal Search Requires Entirely New Input From Users. This is the news coming from Google at its recent "Search On Event". One overriding theme from the event was "context is king". Yes, I know you have heard it before somewhere - the web "Content is King".

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New Advanced Phishing Plot Detected By Microsoft

Microsoft is spreading the word about a phishing campaign that's been going on for months. It utilizes open redirector links which in the main helps for URL shortening.

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Common Sense Coming To A Computer Near You

I am meeting some friends in our local pizza eatery, and it is my turn to be the leader - this involves ordering everyone's favorites without asking them. And if I make the wrong order, I must do it again until I get it right. without any help from my friends.

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Web Application Development Trend

As standards of web applications are always in flux, so too does the complexity of the technology needed to develop web applications. Things that currently work should be left alone. It’s completely unreasonable to reinvent the wheel for such sophisticated techniques and technologies therein. That’s why using frameworks endorsed by thousands of developers around the world is a very sensible approach for building rich and interactive web applications.

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