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Information Technology

Information and Telecommunication Technology has fundamentally changed the way we work, study, play and perform business transactions. It is now indisputable that whatever vocation or profession one is involved in, you will inevitably have some interaction with computers whatever the form factor - desktop, tablet or smartphone. It is a tool which when use properly, will help you to perform and accomplish various tasks efficiently and accurately. For individual learning, a new application might just be the precursor he or she needed to get that promotion or employment. For a small business enterprise, an online presence could be the "holy grail" it has been looking for in order to compete with multinationals.

A Unique Experience

Technology Always In A State Of Flux

From experiences in research and development in the engineering sector, education, and IT consultancy, we've accrued a wide knowledge of how to improve people's productivity and performances. Thus, we have come across a wide section of the public demanding or asking for assistance due to the proliferation of new technology and in particular, new Software Applications. These range from a white-collar worker requesting one on one tutorial on "Web-mail management" using branded functionalities, a second-year undergraduate information technology student wanting assistance on a computer programming project, a blue-collar worker (building construction worker) wanting to learn CAD (computer-aided design) to a small business owner wanting to use a spreadsheet to create a Cash Flow document for a Business Plan.

New Technology

The unique point about the above-mentioned limited examples is that these individuals do not want to sit in a formal teaching or training environment. And in particular, they do not want to learn the entire subject matter with the proverbial certificate at the end. They are interested in a particular component or feature in a related technology that will empower or enable them to get on with work more efficiently or to be more productive. In some cases, the client might request a complete solution for a very specific project (e.g. writing reports, dissertation or thesis) allowing them to carry on with their core business activities with full assurance that the other peripheral activities though important are being taken care of.

Confidentiality Is Paramount

Our emphasis is on a one-to-one confidential arrangement. We meet with you when and wherever it is convenient to you. Deliberate on the issues at hand and then provide possible solutions. The latter can be attained at the end of our deliberation or for a more time-consuming project as long as a week or even more

A Unique Experience

Your Project

We are here to assist you in whatever project you are working on. This could be work-related, a university coursework assignment, or a more detailed end-of-year project. Whatever the subject matter rest assured we can deal with it. The emphasis here is solving a project at hand within a certain duration.

Politic reference here is referring to current events

Not necessary with politics per se but with issues where there is a broad spectrum of naratives. You want to make a cogent contibution that others with an openned mind can see the logic of your argument and become persuaded.

The technolgy reference here is rather generic

An example here is someone involved in the building industry. You understand the basics computer aided design (CAD) but you want to get more involve in the subject matter and create electronic drawings that otherwise would have been done manually.

The science reference here is broadly referring to things scientific

These could range from all the basic scientific subjects, to more elaborate and detailed assessment of a particular subject domain. We have the experience in covering this base

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