Playing Lotto with random numbers should not be an option any more

Randomness, as we ordinarily think of it, exists when some outcomes occur haphazardly, unpredictably, or by chance. These aforementioned three notions are all distinct, but they all have some kind of close connection to probability. Notoriously, there are many kinds of probability - subjective probabilities, evidential probabilities, and objective chances, to name just a few. We might be here all night if we dig deeper but we won't. Surfice to say we have done all the maths so you do not have to.

Imagine you have the last 12 months Lotto lottery results at your finger tip. You peruse through to see if you can find or ascertain any patterns within. Eureka! you think you've found one. Then, it dawned on you that checking on all the possible combination and permutations is almost impossible manually. Well, not anymore. Because, this is precisely what Jambuh - The Lottery Predictor does.

How Do You Select Your Lottery Numbers?

Birth days, special event dates, some alignment with celestial bodies, with your dog or maybe your cat? We make these myriad of ways a doddle with simple mathematics called numerical analysis

What About Test Them Out Before You Play?

Jambuh lets you do what normally occurs 3 or 4 times a week, 100 times in every minute. In so doing, generate copious amount of data to analyse your playing numbers. Thus, enabling next real play with some certainty

What If You Can Play 100times under 30 seconds?

It is not technology, but the intelligent application of technology that helps to provide some insight into these seemingly random and disparate numbers. It is not an answer in itself, but an enabler. Like all enablers, it is only as smart as the people using it.