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Food-delivery apps up to 44% more expensive, survey finds
A Which? survey comparing costs of takeaways found delivery apps up to 44% pricier.

Why cyber gangs won't worry about US-Russia talks
Plans to tackle ransomware hackers starts on shaky ground with a disagreement over who is responsible.

Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi faces probe ahead of market debut, says report
A watchdog is reported to be investigating whether Didi has been unfairly squeezing out smaller rivals.

World Bank rejects El Salvador request for Bitcoin help
This month the country announced plans to become the first nation to make the cryptocurrency legal tender.

Lina Khan: The 32-year-old taking on Big Tech
The new Federal Trade Commission chair has Big Tech in her sights.

Low-income homes 'should get ultra-fast gigabit broadband help'
The recommendation comes from a group set up by government to boost take-up of the service.

Google adds encrypted messaging to its Android app
End-to-end encryption comes to Google's messages app, years after Apple's iMessage.

Bristol company hosted notorious child-abuse site
Companies are urged to work harder against those "profiting financially from the rape and abuse of children".

Digital ad industry accused of huge data breach
Legal action filed over volume of data shared by digital advertising firms during ad space sales.

E3 2021: Nintendo shows off more Zelda Breath of the Wild 2
A last-minute Zelda segment capped a Nintendo showcase which left some fans disappointed.

Windows 10 to be retired in 2025, as new OS unveils
From October 2025, there will be no new updates or security fixes for Windows 10.

Apple and Google investigated by UK competition body
The UK competition authority says it has launched an investigation into the mobile phone market.

Gigafactories: Europe tools up against US and Asia as a car battery force
As demand for electric cars grows, giant battery factories are being built across Europe.

E3 2021: Forza Horizon 5 - is bigger also better?
Newsbeat sits down to talk about the next Forza Horizon game with one of the brains behind it.

US model Chrissy Teigen apologises for online 'trolling'
It comes a month after Teigen apologised to TV personality Courtney Stodden for online bullying.

Today at E3: Halo returns and Starfield first look
Today at E3: Halo returns and Starfield first look

Simulated robot performs realistic acrobatics and other news
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at the best technology news stories of the week.

How tech could help create 'music prescriptions'
Jen Copestake looks at a number of projects which are focused on technology, melodies and health.

Could ‘super-agers’ help explain how we get old?
Silicon Valley companies are researching why some people age more slowly than others.

Anti-theft bike tech tested: Can it keep your cycle safe?
Tom Brada tests some of the security tech that could help keep your two-wheeler more secure.

Tech firms use remote monitoring to help honey bees
From Ireland to Israel, companies are coming to the aid of the environmentally critical insect.

Why it's the end of the road for petrol stations
Many petrol stations will close over the next 20 years, accelerating the shift to electric cars.

How cow poo is powering crypto mining
One company is trying to persuade small-scale renewable generators to mine crypto currency.

'I can speak freely and use swear words as I see fit'
The rise of email "newsletter" providers that allow writers to directly connect with readers.

E-bike sales boom despite high prices and confusing rules
Electric bike sales are soaring, despite high prices and confusing rules over their speed and power.

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Redefining problems and opportunities, coming up with new approaches, and taking action are key characteristics of creative problem-solving. Unlike tech trends that come and go, problem-solving skills are always our imperative. Our strategic services provide customized, digital solutions to turn your business into an industry leader.

Our team plan, design, and develop outstanding website solutions that are in tandem with current technologies. Moreover, we employ copy writers to write your text content in a very professional way (with context obviously) such that it fits perfectly within the interface and layout we have designed purposely for your business. Responsive websites from a single code base. Thus, making scaling up and further enhancement very flexible.

Our vision is focused on one fundamental principle - The User Experience - as accrued during surfing a website. At the core of every great experience is the user interface - how your data and content are exposed to the user and how intuitively the former influences the client to interact with it. A good interface will always enable a consistent, personal and intuitive experience. Thus, your content has to be written properly and placed in an intuitive interface that by and large, fulfils the aforementioned. Rest assured that here at Torometech we follow that principle to the letter

Most people now have faster internet speeds than ever before and tend to watch videos on their mobile devices. Incorporating videos offers entertainment, is easy to digest and allows for sharing on social media platforms. It is often said a picture is worth a thousand word. It makes you wonder what a combo of audio and video is worth. The latest HTML5 and CSS3 directives respectively, have afforded designers and developers a far greater scope in implementing these resources on to websites. Every standard smart-phone can now capture video in high definition.The only problem you have got now is to judge what to capture - because the possibilities are mind boggling.

It takes time to learn to program. Learning the basics of a language in a boot-camp or on your own isn't learning to program. Programming isn't the syntax, it's the way of thinking. The most costly thing in the world is ignorance. The most valuable is knowledge and the aptitude to apply it.

The design process is cyclic by default - you start with a hypothesis then research to find data to justify your assumptions. Ascertain if experimental observation matches hypothesis if not adjust and modify where necessary. Then check again and the loop continues.

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Being abreast with technology is a very tasking procedure especially if you are a small enterprise. We can take the load off or make it more bearable - making sure all the tools with regards to your site for updating dynamic content, branding and bespoke marketing responsive HTML5 emails are at your finger tips. Adding new functionalities as you grow is the default.

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We believe in utilizing the power and influence of the Internet to help clients grow their business. Building results-driven digital solutions that is leveraged on current methodology and technology. This synergy results in a platform with cutting-edge design, development, branding and marketing. However, if all the aforementioned is to be accomplished, you need people with the know-how and wherewithal to put it all together.

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Our strategic services provide customized, digital solutions to turn your business into an industry leader. Our team plan, design, and develop outstanding website solutions that are in tandem with current technologies. Responsive websites from a single code base. Thus, making scaling up and enhancement very flexible.

The platform called the internet, to all intents and purposes comprise of websites. These in turn, are made-up of individual pages with common hyper-links interspersed. In it default state, it is very much a visual medium. Hence, in the design of a web-page, foremost in the structure and layout construction must be the end goal - rendition in a web browser.

The interactions within a web-page interface and layouts can only be experienced as a whole not through fragmentations. That is why our design approach in creating bespoke responsive website is unique. Most agencies will present you during the initial stages of design and deliberations, with mock-ups. We do not think these processes and procedures serve any purpose because fragmentations will never provide or emulate anything close to the real thing. Here at Torometech, we use your initial brief to design an interface that will showcase all the salient features your services or products exhibit.


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