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The Social Media Polemic

Embracing new technology is what we humans do. We have come a long way from creating fire with the help of some flint and friction ( the latter a physical process we've now become accustomed to in a subject matter called physics). So when you hear people labelling someone technophobe because they genuinely feel social media is causing more harm than good. Be very careful and cautious of snake oil salesmen.

Multimodal Search Requires Entirely New Input From Users

Multimodal Search Requires Entirely New Input From Users. This is the news coming from Google at its recent "Search On Event". One overriding theme from the event was "context is king". Yes, I know you have heard it before somewhere - the web "Content is King".

New Advanced Phishing Plot Detected By Microsoft

Microsoft is spreading the word about a phishing campaign that's been going on for months. It utilizes open redirector links which in the main helps for URL shortening.

Learning Never Stops
If It Does, Life Would Be Worthless

World Technology News

From The BBC

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey steps down as chief executive
Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey steps down from leading the company, saying he's "ready to move on".

China surveillance of journalists to use 'traffic-light' system
Documents detail how one province is making a facial-recognition system to spot "people of concern".

Online sellers 'hotbed' for dangerous items experts warn
Fire services and safety experts ask the government to reform laws to hold shopping sites accountable.

Nissan boss warns no end in sight to global chip shortage
The Omicron variant could exacerbate the shortage of chips used in cars, Makoto Uchida tells the BBC.

Banksy-inspired NFT drives 'seismic' change in art world
The owner of the NFT of 'Warning Sign' will also own a 5% equity stake in the physical artwork.

Mr Goxx, the cryptocurrency-trading hamster, dies
The rodent famous for his financial portfolio and trading cage died peacefully on Tuesday.

Mobile phone museum celebrates ugly and iconic phones
A new museum showcasing more than 2,000 retro mobile phones launches online.

Amazon protests: 31 arrested as Extinction Rebellion targets retailer
Extinction Rebellion targets 13 sites in the UK on the retail giant's busiest day of the year.

Black Friday: Will you get the tech you want for Christmas?
Bargain hunters could be disappointed this year, especially if they are hoping to buy a games console.

Protesters hit Amazon buildings on Black Friday
Strikes or protests are planned in 20 countries, on one of the busiest days of the year for retail.

What is artificial intelligence and why is it important?
Many recent big advances in tech have one key thing at the heart of then: artificial intelligence.

What are algorithms and how do they work?
A huge amount of our lives is influenced by algorithms. Here's how they work.

What are quantum computers and what are they used for?
Companies around the world are racing to create a new generation of computers.

Bitcoin: What are crypto-currencies?
Fans of crypto-currencies say they are the future of money - but at what cost?

How do you turn off the internet?
How easy would it be for a government to block one of the biggest sources of news and information?

‘I’m blind but technology helps me animate’
Elodie Bateson, 11, from Limavady who is blind has become an expert at making short animated movies.

'World's fastest' all-electric plane and other tech news
LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

Will printable solar cells reshape buildings?
Lara Lewington visits the labs which have some of the latest innovations in solar energy.

Pets can ring owners with DogPhone and other tech news
LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

Rubbish sifting robots recycle demolition waste
A recycling plant is using machines to stop valuable materials in building waste being incinerated.

Can South Africa embrace renewable energy from the sun?
South Africa's main electricity company Eskom plans to switch from using coal to renewable energy.

The 99-year-old cyclist who has won a world silver medal
How a former World War Two pilot came second in a cycling competition for older people.

The small nuclear power plants billed as an energy fix
A host of firms are developing mini nuclear reactors but questions remain over safety and costs.

The mums using Instagram to offer advice to new parents
Covid has led to an increase in parenting gurus using social media to support new mums and dads.

How smart tech is supporting smallholders in South Africa
Small farms in Africa struggle to compete with commercial agriculture - can new platforms help?

Xbox 20th anniversary: 'Will we have TVs in 20 years time?'
Xbox boss Phil Spencer talks to BBC podcast Press X to Continue on the console's 20th anniversary.

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