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Internet Safety Generic Precautions

Posted on 19th Sep 2020 12:29:32 in Technology

Are you a likely target for a hack? If you happen to be, say, a presidential candidate, a foreign secretary, a governor of a state, a billionaire, a well-known celebrity, etc., the answer, invariably is yes.

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Future Technology

Posted on 18th Sep 2020 14:23:49 in Technology

Just because you’re not seeing amazing new consumer tech products that doesn’t mean the tech revolution is stuck. In fact, it’s just pausing to conquer some major new territory.

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Front-End Development

Posted on 13th Sep 2020 17:51:51 in

If you are creating content for the web, you will be by default associated with one of two camps - the Back-End or the Front-End. The latter or Front-End development is often considered to be associated ..

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