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Connected to the Internet

Posted on 23rd Feb 2021 18:36:28 in Technology

I am connected to the internet - are you? Yes of course. Lucky you. By the way, what is "connected to the internet" can you elaborate a bit further, please? Yes with my smartphone or no is my tablet or no is my laptop sorry is through my Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Rita, Pam, smart-fridge, my smart-toaster, smartwatch, smart-kettle and the list goes on and on. - you get the gist I hope.

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Surfing The Net Incognito

Posted on 22nd Nov 2020 17:14:17 in Technology

The Wuhan virus commonly called covid-19 has caused unprecedented calamity to society than anything else that has gone before. Interactions between humans once a cornerstone of our species is now a No-No in this pandemic crises. Is it any wonder online activities have surged to an unparalleled level recently?

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