Daddy changed the world, says George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter

So the existential question that Americans have grappled with since the dawn of Its independence - racism has come to the fore again. This time a white police officer bearing his weight on the neck of an accused black man who tried to used a forged note in a local store. All capture on video. Cue the moral indignation, disgust and anger worldwide. If reaffirmation was needed here it is LIVE - America the most racist country by a large margin.

But hang on a minute, is this the whole story? What did you expect the store owner to do, take the forged note and sit quiet because the perpetrator is a Blackman? No. The police arrival and subsequent detaining of the convict is routine but the force used in detaining him was an overt act of aggression. Was this because he was a Blackman may be yes, Was this because he was resisting arrest maybe yes,. Was these because all the officers involve were racist not so sure. In a civilised country, there are checks and balances in legislation that governs everyone including police officers. He has been booked and will face justice in a court of law. For information purposes, if you ascertain the first country anyone under a despotic or totalitarian regime wants to flee to, it's the USA - fact. It beggar's the question - what is the attraction to this so called racist country?

Toni Morrison, the Nobel Laureate for literature (Black woman) provoked outrage when she described Bill Clinton as America’s first black president back in 1998. She said that his white skin notwithstanding he was blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in "our children’s lifetime".

The right resented the fact that she made the sax-playing sexy beast, who was brought up by a single mother, sound so cool. The disparaging white left castigated her for enumerating his infidelities. By singling out his passion for junk food and bad timekeeping as black traits, Morrison was attacked for stereotyping black men in a way that would have seen lesser mortals no-platformed on every college campus.

Cue 1-20-2009 and the first American President a Blackman in the name of Barack Obama was elected in office. The 44th president since independence from the Brit. He ran for two terms ending in January 20, 2017 . How come such a country with so much ingrained hatred for black people voted for a Blackman to be their leader. Just to put in some perspective. The proportion of African Americans is roughly 13% of the population.

The conundrum thickens. An act of God ? Or just may be those from the left can not bring themselves to describe anyone with a right-wing views anything other than a racist and a bigot. In fact, it’s this kind of brainless tribalism that has got us into our current mess. The gracelessness of modern politics is such that the very people who threw parties at the election of Barack Obama now complain about those partying with Donald Trump. Should we not be judging our leaders as much by what they do as what they say? But in politics, words — and how they are deployed — matter. And the rule appears to be that you should never play the ball when it’s possible to play the man. If you can find a reason to denigrate a politician’s character then you never need to rebut, accept or even acknowledge their argument. In fact, on certain topics nowadays, unless you qualify by virtue of your race, you might not even have permission to hold an opinion. People, we are better than this . We need to get on.